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Buy MDMA 94% purity

MDMA online 94% purity Buy MDMA 94%. MDMA online  is supposed to display screen for medications of abuse and is

Matias Romero strain

Matias Romero strain – Magic Mushroom The Romero is a very special one! This classic cubensis strain has a fascinating

Mazatapec Growkit – Medium

Mazatapec Growkit The best way to get amazing magic mushrooms is to grow your own with this easy-to-use kit. This

Mckennaii Growkit – Medium

Mckennaii Growkit – Medium Mckennaii Growkit – Medium strain was named after Terence Mckenna, the well known supporter of (a

Mexican And Mckennaii Growkit

Contains: 1 x Mexican And Mckennaii Growkit – Medium 1 x Mckennaii All in one Growkit – Medium

Mexican Print Or Syringe

The Psilocybe cubensis from Mexico is probably the  that made the cubensis so famous! This strain has a long historical background and was well know to the natives of Mexico before it was discovered by the western society. In the Netherlands this strain was one of the first Mushrooms sold by Smartshops, known to the Dutch as the “Mexican Mushroom”.